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Welcome to Costello Brothers Dentistry. Our dentists are here to provide you with an experience designed to make your visit pleasurable. Sounds impossible? Well, with the comfort and efficiency of the environment and a little entertainment thrown in, we find most of our visitors actually enjoying the trip.

The choice of a dentist for each of us is a personal decision and will depend upon different elemental needs to find the right one. Check out the photos and bios here and see who might be right for you. All are North American trained and licensed and all have deep experience.

Dr. Patty Siu D.D.S.

Patty is a senior CBD partner, she heads our Invisalign orthodontic department. She’s good at it! Also a terrific restorative dentist, her style is enthusiastic and entertaining.



Dr. Vincent Goh D.D.S.

Vince is a senior CBD partner. His main focus is on implants and periodontal disease. He also enjoys doing prosthodontic and esthetic dentistry. An overall really nice guy to be in the room with.


Dr. Noelle Wong D.M.D.

Noelle is a senior CBD partner, she is cool, efficient and is known for her “pillow hands”. Rumored that some of Steve’s patients elected not to return to him after experiencing Noelle’s gentle touch, she is one of our top esthetic talents.

Dr. Karen Wong D.D.S.

Karen is our “Whitening” specialist with gentle hands and a very pleasant chairside manner. She is also available for hygiene visits.

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