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Everybody wants a good hygiene visit!

What is that anyway? A smooth, happy, positive experience which takes 45 minutes or so while you relax back and turn your teeth and gums over to a confident, caring professional to do her very best work for you.

Hopefully, there’s a good DVD on the stack, so you can kick back for a moment in your busy day.

Many of you have known James and I for over 20 years, and know us both to be bears for perfection in getting to clean, light, youthful-looking teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. We have found the very best ways to maintain that equilibrium are:

  • Find a great hygienist you enjoy seeing and come to know and trust.
  • And use a Sonicare toothbrush at home!

The Sonicares have been around for a while, but every year, like cars, new models come out that are trendier than last year’s. Ask any of our receptionists if you don’t see one on the shelf.

Our hygiene team is here for you…

I’ve personally found that hygiene, like haircuts or dance partners, requires a certain chemistry between myself and my hygienist to get it right. Seeing a hygienist I like makes the visit a dream, while the other type just gives me sweaty palms. So, it’s important to find someone I feel comfortable with, who really works for my particular chemistry.

To that end, we have committed to expanding the talent we have for you to choose from:  It’s your choice. If you find you’re happy, stay with her; if not, please feel free to change partners.

Dr. Karen Wong D.D.S.

Karen is our “Whitening” specialist with gentle hands and a very pleasant chairside manner. She is also available for hygiene visits.

Iris Ko R.D.H.

Registered Dental Hygienist, Prince Philip Dental Hospital.  Graduated from the Hong Kong University.


Sanaz Saberi R.D.H.

Registered Dental hygienist, Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


It’s your choice. If you find you’re happy, stay with her; if not, please feel free to change partners.

Iris Ko and Karen Wong are wonderful choices, and Sanaz Saberi is here now from Denmark to round out our super team. Any one of these experts will do an amazing job for you, and help you keep your smile perfect and fresh.

Please feel free to call any time and schedule as your time allows.

Best wishes,

Dr. Stephen Costello

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