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I had a very good experience with Vince.  I trusted him and I was able to relax at his dental office.  That was why I decided to do my big implant-project with him.   I had two more very memorable and thankful experiences with Vince.  At a last minute notice, on a weekend, I called Vince up because my temporary bridge fell off.  I was moving from Shanghai to Chengdu at the time.  He was able to locate a dentist in Shanghai for me and fix up my temporary bridge!  Another time was with my son (Kevin).  Kevin was in California.  He experienced a broken crown.  I called Vince up again and he was once again able to locate a trustworthy dentist in California to help Kevin.  Vince was so helpful! He is not just a dentist helping people in HK, he is a “global” dentist!
Sonoe Hardacre
lynndi_peters copy
I have an extreme fear of Dentists and prefer to not go to them. I had a lot of anxiety meeting Dr Goh for the first time but after 10 minutes of just talking to me and putting me at ease I was calm enough to have him take a look at my teeth. He was very gentle, extremely patient and quite funny. Dr Goh is attentive, shows tremendous empathy and is very calm which is a great help to me. I highly recommend Costello Brothers for their good service, warmth and professional manner in dealing with all of our family. Thank You.
Lynndi Peters
If someone had told me to that a visit to the dentist could be a pleasant one, I wouldn’t have believed them. However I’ve been visiting James, at CBD now for over a decade, with a fairly complex dental history, and always been extremely happy with, and comforted by both the incredibly high standard of expertise as well as the wonderful experience: Smiling faces to greet you in the reception area , relaxing dental rooms with those fabulous ceiling TV’s to distract and entertain, and an admirably high level of both quality and professionalism, with a caring and attentive service to match. The kids very first memories of the dentist will always be rooted in the experience of CBD. Aged 3years,  they both bounced through the doors of the dental clinic, with not a care in the world. Greeted by friendly faces, relaxed and calming dentists , just wonderful with kids ,they have never had any reason to fear or dread a visit to the dentist. Thank you James and Vince 🙂 Long may it last !
Julia Praetorius
I was in a bus crash in Hong Kong and went to CBD to have extensive restorative and cosmetic work carried out over a lengthy period.  It was a very traumatic period for me and was helped by being in the safe hands of a team of absolute professionals.
Brett Burton, General Manager, Hui Hotel, Shenzhen.
Yoad and myself visited your practice yesterday for a clean/check and hands-down it was our best visit ever to the hygienist and dentist.
The staff are super friendly and speak perfect English, the hygienists did a fabulous job, we have never felt so clean, Yoad loved the TV’s on the roof. Dr Vince was super friendly and approachable (he also cleaned and checked our daughter Mili a few weeks ago and she loves him- great with kids) and the computer software that allows you to see procedures is brilliant so is the photo taking of ones teeth (I never ever saw my teeth like I did yesterday).
We want to thank you both for such a great experience.
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