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Whitening Procedure


Below is a small excerpt from our Autumn Newsletter on whitening – Click here to read it in its entirety

Many of us have bleached before and know this, but for any new-comers this note: The effects of tooth bleaching are nearly magical. If we look at the process as simply removing the “stains of age”, we get a pretty good idea of who’s going to benefit most from the procedure – just about any of us over 30 with a normal history of consuming “staining” food, i.e. tomato sauce, berries, red wine, etc. … we’re all here eventually!

All of our dentists and some hygienists are qualified to apply the techniques. The brand we’ve found most successful is called “Zoom” from Discus Dental in the U.S..

More questions? Click here to check out their great website.

Zoom! Advanced Power Plus – the Most Powerful Chairside Whitening Lamp ever! Most patients want their teeth whitened, really fast. Zoom AP Plus offers patients the latest in chairside whitening. In studies, over 50% of patients reached B1 or better in just 45 minutes and the Zoom! Advanced Power Plus System delivered 44% better whitening results than gel alone 30 days following the procedure. Extensive work with optic experts led to the creation of a proprietary bulb which emits the highest optimal bleaching spectrum of any chairside whitening system.

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