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James and I started Costello Brothers Dentistry in Central, Hong Kong in 1991. The clinic quickly became busy due to what we call core values: a deep commitment to high quality design, excellence in our professionalism, and a love for providing “ultimates” in high quality service.

We innovated TV’s into the ceiling of that first clinic, because we wanted to offer rest, relaxation and entertainment for our clientele. TV’s were huge in those days! As a result, many of you came to support us over the years, and most of you became friends.

Over these 23 years we’ve continued to change and adapt with Hong Kong. New technology allowed us to develop an all-esthetic practice with comfort and style. Our “fillings” were all white from day one and for the most part our visitors enjoyed their short stays with us. And we had fun.

Now it’s 2014, and some things have changed. First, we are enjoying a whole new generation taking over the reins. A group of talented professionals much like ourselves at that time: deeply experienced and still young, highly educated, talented, and really inspired to create and enjoy the same kind of 5-Star service that established our reputation. Technology has changed so much with intraoral imaging and new gadgetry that it’s never been a more enjoyable time for you to step in the door.

We hope you enjoy the experience we’ve arranged for you. Our partners Dr. Patricia Siu, Dr. Vincent Goh, and Dr. Noelle Wong, have absorbed many of the responsibilities of the daily operation of CBD, but James and I are just next door, and love to stroll through for inspection or just to greet a familiar face.

It’s still fun to be managing such a great group of people, as we set our sails for the next part of the adventure.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your confidence in our continued commitment to providing you the most excellent dental care possible, on either side of the Pacific.

Best wishes to everyone,

Dr. Stephen Costello

Dr. James Costello

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